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Life Guidance Consulting

Most sessions are bi-weekly or monthly. We can arrange the perfect schedule for your personal needs.



Wendy also teaches classes every month at Luvdragons - CLICK HERE for more info.

To book a psychic reading or life guidance session please call Luvdragons: 613-821-3082

Wendy James has been an International Psychic and holistic practitioner since 1994. She has vast experience with events ranging from parties, festivals, and psychic fairs to lecturing, counselling and teaching. She is trained in numerous oracle and divination techniques with an extensive knowledge of metaphysical studies from diversified and qualified instructors. Wendy holds credentials and titles in many health, holistic and spiritual therapies. When giving psychic readings she brings her experience of over 10 years working within the health care field, her exceptional training in occult studies, learned techniques from masters, experience as a holistic practitioner and 20 years of providing professional psychic consultations into play. She provides clients with a unique, professional and compassionate approach that is hard to find elsewhere.

 Reiki Master

  IET Therapist

  Crystal Practitioner

  Health Care Practitioner

  International Master Psychic

  Behavioural Management Certified

Ordained Pagan High Priestess

Ventilator Care Certified

 Hospice Care Certified

Spiritual Advisor

All consultations are intended to support clarity, thought provocation  and are for entertainment purposes only. Believing in her services completely, Wendy's consultations are intended for the betterment of humanity and the greater good of all. Must be at least 18 years old or have parental permission.

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Luvdragons office is a "cat & dog friendly" environment.


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Psychic Tarot Reading

Past, present and future. This reading  may also include

use of stones and nature items.

For info about Psychic Tarot Readings CLICK HERE

Animal Totem Reading

Discover your 7 power totems,

their strengths and influences on your life.

For info about Animal Totem readings CLICK HERE

Tea Leaf Reading

Divination through the old European technique.

For more information about tea leaf readings - CLICK HERE

For A Couple By A Couple

2 psychics read for you and your mate.

For More Information CLICK HERE

Nature Items, Stones

& Personal Items

Divination using nature items & some of your personal items.

Pet and Animal Readings

Connect with your pet and understand them more.

Click here for more information about Pet Psychic Consultations


Feel free to bring pictures or objects of your own

to any of your readings with Wendy


Wendy James

In business for 22 years